Established in 1983, the Original Raiders Fan Club – San Diego, has gone by several names, transformed multiple times based on the times, moved headquarters to various venues all across the city, and has had a number of leaders over the years.  All of these things have led us to where we are now.  We continue to build the Raider Nation spirit, grow the membership in our Club and expand on our great reputation among to the community and Raider Nation.

We are officially recognized by the Oakland Raiders, and have the distinction of being the only Club in San Diego County to be an Outstanding Member of the Steering Committee of Booster Clubs of the Oakland Raiders (SCBCOR) for the last 26 years.  While our club is much older, our membership on this committee started with its inception in 1993. The SCBCOR is designed to be a Federation of all officially recognized Raider Booster/Fan Clubs, working together to support each other and the Oakland Raiders.  This is why, on many occasions you will see ORFCSD partnering up with other Clubs (recognized or not) to enhance the image of the Oakland Raiders throughout San Diego County and beyond.

Moving around San Diego County, our 2016-2018 Season home was at Dave and Buster’s in the Mission Valley neighborhood of San Diego. We have found a new home at Buffalo Wild Wings on Midway Drive in San Diego.  Join us there for the 2019 Oakland Raiders regular season for our official Watch Parties and other special events.

We are a year around Club and have events set for the off season as well as Watch Parties during the pre/regular season.  At every event, we plan for raffles, membership sign-ups, and Club t-shirt sales, as well as some Oakland Raiders merchandise for purchase.  In addition to the Watch Parties, our Club presents the annual Black Out Petco Park in May, an annual Summer Picnic/Fan Fest in July, Christmas Party for members, and various other events open to all Raider Nation San Diego. Check out our Facebook pages to find out where our Watch Parties and other events will be hosted for the 2019 pre/regular season.

We are not just about fun and games,  our charities of choice include: California Veterans Home – Chula Vista, Rachel’s House – Downtown San Diego, and the Polinsky Center for those children in State care. We will be donating time, energy, and support for these and other community minded efforts.

In 2017, our Club was awarded a plaque by the SCBCOR for on continuous support of the Steering Committee by attending our 150th Meeting.  We are the only Official Raiders Booster/Fan Club to have received such an honor.

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