2019 Executive Board Members & Committee Chairpersons

Announcing the 2019 Original Raiders Fan Club – San Diego Executive Board and Committee Chairpersons
President: Ms. Maria Rodriguez Callejas
Vice President: Mr. Guillermo Diaz
Treasurer: Mr. Gavin Peters
Secretary: Ms. Christy Barrera
Sgt-At-Arms: Mr. James Gilbert
Veterans Outreach Chair: Mr. Moses Salas
Raffle Prize Chair: Mr. Guillermo Diaz
Membership Chair: Maria Rodriguez Callejas
Social Media and Website: (Vacant)
Special Events Coordinator: (Vacant)
Steering Committee of the Booster Clubs of the Oakland Raiders Rep: Mr. Rick Santos
You can reach any of the Executive Board Members or Committee Chairpersons via email at ORFCSD@gmail.com