Executive Board and Committees

You can reach any of the Executive Board Members or Committee Chairpersons via email at ORFCSD@gmail.com.  We are currently taking nominations from the Membership for the 2019 Executive Board.  If you are interested in taking on a leadership position with our Club please let us know.  Elections will be held at the February meeting of the Membership.

2018 Executive Board Members
President: Jacqueline Gilbert
Vice President: Maria de Rouen
Secretary: Breanna Gilbert
Treasurer:  Maria Rodriguez Callejas (Acting)
Sgt-at-Arms: James Gilbert

2018 Appointed Committee Chairpersons
SCBCOR Representative: Rick Santos
Raffles: Guillermo Diaz
Membership Chair: Maria Rodriguez Callejas
Social Media: Maria Rodriguez Callejas
Veterans Outreach: Moy Salas
Website Manager: Vacant